Wednesday, May 4, 2011

All About LAE, Lauren Anderson Entertainment!

Exclusive interview with the face of LAE Beauty, Lauren Anderson.
          For all our current and future clients, LAE Beauty has an amazing history. Lauren Anderson, co-owner of LAE Beauty, started off as just another student at the University of Florida. She was a senior at UF when she was approached about Playboy having a national playmate search and auditions were being held at UF. 
          Lauren went as a joke, and ended up on the TV show, FOX's Girls Next Door Special: Search for a Playboy Centerfold. She was one of ten contestants, and she won! Her career had only just begun, posing centerfold for "Girls of the SEC" and later having the honor of forever being known as Miss July 2002!
Q Why did your sister, Kelley Anderson, and you open a business? And why a salon/spa? 
A: Since I've been modeling, we both became very passionate about health and beauty. So we wanted to offer a place people could go for these types of services. A "One stop shop beauty/wellness center". Having the medical side of it brings us a step above the rest. It was also very important to us to provide a different, upscale, trendy atmosphere. I think that has been a huge draw for LAE. 
QDo you expect to expand? 
A: Yes, we are looking to expand into Tampa and other cities as well. We want to become a staple in the MediSpa world.. hopefully having LAE Beauty around the country. 
QBest and worst parts of being a playboy model? 
A: Best would be the traveling I've been fortunate enough to do as well as the people I've met. The worst part would be fighting the stereotype and negative image sometimes associated with playboy. Playboy is a magazine I modeled for, it's not who I am. 
QHow would you describe Hef? 
A: He's very smart, generous and kind. We have a very friendly relationship, I've been able to bring anyone I want up to the mansion. That's not the case for every playmate. And NO, I have never slept with Hef or anything like that! LOL!
Q: What was the craziest thing that's happened to you since playboy? 
A: Honestly, I have had so many experiences because of Playboy it's hard to pin point just one. I've travelled the world by myself, I've met tons of celebrities, I've seen things that most people would dream about. I've been very lucky!
QWhat advice would you give to an aspiring entrepreneur? 
A: Never let someone tell you that you can't do something and stay positive, strong and have faith. It's hard sometimes, I know. Also that everyone falls and it's how well and fast you get back up, that really matters. I wrote a chapter in a book called "Making It In High Heels", which is a best selling series of books.

           This 5'9, blond and brown-eyed beauty has created a fairy tale life, but she's worked hard to get it. She's hosted numerous shows, including CMT's 25 Sexiest Videos and The Pulse with Bill O'Reilly. This local celebrity has also made appearances on Entourage and Fear Factor. Not only has she posed beautifully for Playboy, she's also been in Vanity Fair and even Playboy Spain.  
           Lauren Anderson has made LAE Beauty a place any woman can go to feel beautiful. A woman from Milwaukee, Wisconsin who loves Dirty Dancing, the 80's, and any book by James Patterson. A woman who's an advocate for animal rights, promoting PETA, loves water sports and has the confidence to believe, “Playboy is all about embracing your sexuality and being proud of your body". Lauren had to drive and the passion to create her own business and make a name for herself that is respected and admired. This strong and exceptionally beautiful woman is proof that dreams can come true if you're not afraid to chase them.

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