Thursday, July 7, 2011

How To: Perfect Smokey Eye via Lancome Cosmetics

         LAE has brought you a DIY tutorial for perfecting that smokey eye for an evening out on the town or any occasion at all where you want that sultry addition to grab attention.

Step One: Remove all makeup from your eyes.
Step Two: Put eye treatment cream around and under your eye for hydration and protection.
Step 3: Put on a waterproof eyeshadow base.
Step 4: Begin with a light color all over the lid, to lighten up your eyes.
Step 5: Add a medium color in the crease to add more depth.
TIP: To avoid eyeshadow from falling onto your face, pad the brush with the eyeshadow and press the brush upon the lid.
Step 6: Use a blending brush to blend the dark color across your lid.
Step 7: Use an eyeliner pencil to create a fine line under-neath the eye.
Step 8: Use liquid eyeliner to create a line across the top base of your lid.
Step 9: For more intensity, use eyeshadow powder to add to the eyeliner under-neath your eye.
Step 10: Use the highlighter color or cream under-neath your brows & between your eyes and nose.
Step 11: Clean up any spilt eyeshadow with a thicker brush.
Step 12: Put mascara on the bottom and top lashes.
TIP: For an even greater effect than just mascara, try Latisse. This product (sold at LAE) makes your lashes grow longer and thicker for a statement look 24/7! Check it out!
Step 13: Add concealer under-neath your eye to lighten up your face.
Step 14: Apply bronzer to the cheek bones to define your face and makeup.
Step 15: For a final touch, add some color on your lips. Use a light lip gloss to polish off the look with subtlety and class.
VOILA! You have your perfect smokey eye shadow makeup!

Meet the Makeup Artist, Monika Anis.
"It's all about the blending," Monika says, in order to achieve the perfect smokey eye.

Products Used:
Lancome Aquatique Nude Eyeshadow Base
Lancome Hypnotique Mascara
Lancome Star Natural Bronzer Glow
Lancome Artliner Precision Point (Liquid/Black)
Lancome Le Crayon Eye Pencil (Black)
Lancome Eyeshadows: 
Top- Bottom Eyeliner Shadow
Bottom- Highlighter
Right- Eye base color
Middle- Crease color
Left- Eye base 2 color (blend)

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