Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Great #FHS Cure for Life's Not-so-Great Moments!

            Losing a job, fighting with a friend, breaking up with a loved one, or whatever it may be is always a hard time in someone’s life. However, sitting around and sulking about the things you lost does not bring them back, nor does it let you see all the things you do have. So when going through a slump or a rocky period in one’s life all you can focus on is the one thing you can depend on, yourself. You are your greatest compliment and your greatest weakness. By making yourself stronger, you’ll make yourself unstoppable.

First thing’s first, get out of bed! There’s an entire life waiting for you outside of those windows and you cant achieve anything by just looking out of them. So get up, shower, do your hair and makeup for no one but yourself, and walk out the door. You don’t even have to have an exact destination, just do something simply to do it.

 Go get a new haircut, style or color. Of course it’s a cliché to come back from a tough time with a new look; but the part that is not cliché is that is always makes you feel better. That is, of course, unless you go to the wrong salon, so don’t get too spontaneous and go to the first place around the corner! It doesn’t’ have to be completely drastic, just something fresh and new to spark your confidence.

 Treat yourself. Go buy that box of chocolates, and don’t worry about the calories. Go buy a full mani/pedi package and let yourself be pampered. Spend a day at the beach and feel natural endorphins from the sun. Best of all, buy that pair of shoes you keep picking up and checking to see if the price has change, just buy them!
(Manolo Blahnik shoes)

If you really feel like you just want to sit in a corner and cry, we still strongly don’t recommend that. Instead, grab your closest friends, your sister, your mom, your pet, and squeeze on the couch with endless popcorn and bottles of wine. Pair the night with sappy movies that give you a real reason to cry, but at least you wont be alone! Company is one of the best cures to a broken heart or a broken spirit.

 Find yourself a hobby. That doesn’t mean you have to take up knitting. There’s endless options in a growing world, you just have to chose what’s right for you. Start taking a pilates class, make a scrapbook, create your own blog, join a sports team or simply go back to an old hobby you forgot you loved, like painting or writing. Any hobby to keep you distracted should be a positive thing, we just hope for your sake that your hobby doesn’t wind you up on TLC’s new show, My Strange Addiction.

             If you’re still feeling alone and helpless, buy a pet. You don’t have to jump straight to getting that puppy with the adorable big eyes. Think cautiously about what you have the time for, but getting a pet and knowing this little life will need you will fill you with comfort. Whatever pet you chose wont fire you, wont ditch you or break up with you. They may have an accident on your shoes or chew up your carpet, but in the end you can count on them which makes it worth it.

            Have a night out. Go out with people you care about, people you always have a good time with and just let loose. This doesn’t mean over drinking, this simply means not caring what the people around you think or what problems you left at home. Just be yourself, sip that drink, and smile back at whoever looks your way.

            Pull yourself together. Make a list of all the things that make you happy, because happiness is achievable for anyone who wants it. Stop analyzing every part of your life and just live. Stop thinking 'what if' and 'what nots', because what happened has happened and the only thing you can control now is the future, your future. Fix what needs to be fixed and appreciate what needs to be appreciated. Look in the mirror and truly see yourself. See the person you are and instead of feeling pity for yourself, feel pity for whoever did you wrong.

            Believing in yourself makes others believe in you. So take the risk you never took and buy a new lipstick for the new smile of yours. Sometimes you find a strength in yourself that even surprises you, you just have to find it.


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Top 10 F.H.S. Things To Do Before Summer Ends!

Top 10 FRESH HEALTHY SMART Things to do before Summer Ends!
 1. Subscribe to Groupon & Living Social
      The Perks: TONS of discounts on health and beauty stores (massages, facials, teeth whitening) in your area. LAE has even used Living Social for a $100 MediSpa credit!
      The Extra Perk: Book a discounted vacation this summer so that your vacation doesn’t have to end yet! For example going on now, for the next three days, is a $335 special for a trip to Torres Mazatian Mazatlan, Mexico! This trip includes: a four-night stay for two in a suite, transport to and from the airport, and full gym access. Or spend about a hundred more for Cabo which include amenities such as: $50 spa credit/day, all inclusive food and drink, 10% discounts on car rental and tours!

2. Go to the Beach
      The Perks: The sun is a natural source of Vitamin D. Vitamin D benefits include: longer life, fewer diseases, stronger muscles and bones, less depression, pain and inflammation. The ocean water not only is soothing to soak in but it also helps heal cuts, minimize swelling and could be a source for exercise when swimming. The ocean air and atmosphere also reduces stress.
3. Get a Gym Membership (if you haven’t yet)
      The Perks: In order to live a healthy life exercise is a must. For someone trying to maintain weight, lose weight, or just to feel good and have energy, the gym is the perfect solution. Take the effort to finally work out those 4 days a week that you keep telling yourself you’ll do. Also, for singles, the gym is one of the best places to meet people! Summer romances are always the sweetest.

4. Have a Spa Day (at LAE of course)
      The Plan: 20 minutes relaxing in one of our lay-down tanning beds for some peaceful time and a little extra color, a 50-minute facial to cleanse and repair your skin while relaxing in our serene facial room, a massage to relax your muscles and take stress off of your back, two 20-minute back to back teeth whitening sessions while laying down and watching television, chose an enerdermology session to roll out cellulite from your problem areas and ending with a shot of B-12 for added energy and to reduce fatigue.
     The Perks: Rejuvenating your mind and body while adding touches of beauty in every step. You’ll leave relaxed, brighter smile, tighter skin and pleasant endorphins bursting for the rest of the day.
 5. Read a Book
      The Perks: Reading is always a source of relaxation, especially when one needs some alone time. Reading also increases vocabulary and all around intelligence.
      -For the Romance Reader, try The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks (the sequel to The Notebook).
      -For the Adventurer: read any one of Dan Brown’s books. They are filled with thrill and never ending page turners.
      -For the Lover with a Touch of Lawyer: read one of Jodi Picoult’s books. Usually filled with a thrilling court case and a bubbling romance. Famous titles such as: The Pact, and Change of Heart.
     -For the History Reader: The Book Thief is one of the most eloquently written books, centered around the Holocaust. Empress Orchid is a dazzling novel about the old Japanese Culture and it’s last empress.
6. Buy yourself a New Outfit
      The Perks: Buying new clothing is always a positive experience, as long as you don’t overdue it. Towards the end of summer most stores are having their “end of the season sale”, so don’t miss out on amazing deals that wont hurt your wallet!

7. Buy a New Perfume or Cologne
      The Perks: Changing up your scent with make you feel fresh and new every time you spray it on. It will also grab the attention of those around you.

8. Go on a HEALTHY Diet
      The Perks: Go on the summer diet you always talked about going on. It will leave you with more positive effects in the mirror, compliments from those around you, and a healthier body and mind, if done the right way. Try healthier versions, such as the Special K diet, or refer to our previous blog entry “Lean by Design” for more dieting tips.
     The Warning: Don’t go on any crazy diets like: the cookie diet or the liquid diet. These will only hurt your body and as soon as you’re off of them you’ll gain the weight right back.
9. Take A Mini Vacation
      The Perks: Take your loved ones, whether friends, lovers, or family, and give yourself a break for once. You don’t have to dish out a ton of money for a mini-vacation. Fun is necessary in life and so is quality time with those that matter most.
      -A theme park. Florida Residents receive great discounts, and there are other online vendors that give an even bigger discount is researched. After all, Disney is the happiest place on the earth.
     -Ginnie Springs. Buy your tubes and bring your drinks while you relax and float for hours in the springs with those that matter. A cheap, fun day in the sun.
     -Sight seeing. Florida has more to offer than theme parks and beaches! Go visit the historic and beautiful landmarks in St. Augustine and have dinner at an old restaurant. Visit the “Celebration” town in Orlando, Florida or take a walk down South Beach in Miami!
10. Do Something Crazy
       The Perks: It’ll leave you remember this summer for more than just a blur of memories but for a moment that made it! Whether it’s skydiving (coupon on Groupon open now for Tampa Bay Area $115) or getting that dreamed-about tattoo! Take a risk and do something wild, because you only live once and summer only lasts so long.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Beauty Questions You're Scared to Ask, Answered!

       Ever had that embarrassing beauty question you didn't know who or how to ask? Well we've got your answers right here! The answers have come from  and their article
The Ominous Unibrow
The Why: The most common reason for unwanted facial hair comes from genes. Sometimes it could be a more serious problem, such as polycystic ovary syndrome.
The Fix: Waxing, plucking and depilatory creams create short-term solutions while laser hair removal provides a long-term solution.

The Cottage Cheese Effect
The Why: An excess fat called cellulite stores itself in areas such as: buttocks, hips and thighs.
The Fix: First and foremost exercising will help reduce the appearance of cellulite. One can also try cellulite creams, especially ones that contain caffeine.

Blushing Too Much?
The Why: Most commonly someone blushes when embarrassed or shy. However, when red patches randomly show up on one's cheeks, chin, or forehead, it may be a chronic skin condition called rosacea. Another explanation for too much blushing could be a social anxiety disorder.
The Fix: Consult your dermatologist as to whether your condition could be related to rosacea, which can be cured by pills or creams. 

Grey Hair at 30
The Why: Finding grey hairs before the age of 40 could attest to three reasons: genes, thyroid or pigment disorder.
The Fix: Consult your doctor for possible thyroid/pigment disorder or go to your best salon for a dazzling new hair color!

Stretched Out Skin
The Why: Excess weight gain, excess weight-loss or pregnancy can all lead to stretch marks.
The Fix: Lotions and creams prove to have little effect in fixing the appearance of stretch marks. For better effects try laser surgery or chemical peels. 

Big Bad Wolf Breath
The Why: The biggest reason for bad breath is your diet. Other reasons that can account for the bad taste in your mouth even after brushing your teeth are: a sinus infection, dry mouth, acid reflex or gum disease.
The Fix: Stay away from garlic and onions before a meeting or date or consult your dentist for more serious possibilities. 

Razor Bumps
The Why: When stubble curls back onto itself and grows into the skin.
The Fix: Take a hot shower first to open up pores and then use a thick shaving gel. You can also consider laser hair removal or hair removal creams.

Not So White Smile
The Why: Red wine, coffee and tea can easily stain your teeth. The biggest culprit, however, is tobacco and smoking. Some medications can also discolor your teeth.
The Fix: Brushing your teeth after certain drinks/foods and flossing regularly. You can also use teeth whitening methods; whether you chose at-home solutions or ours at LAE via Gator Brite Teeth Whitening.

Callused Feet
The Why: Thick layers of dead skin gather on the balls of your feet or your heels.
The Fix: Soaking your feet into hot water and them rubbing rough patches with a pumice stone.

Sweating Too Much
The Why: Your body naturally trys to cool you down which causes sweat. However, if you tend to sweat in uncommon situations such as calmy in a cool room, you may have a condition called hyperhidrosis.
The Fix: Consult a dermatologist if you're truly worried. Prescription anti- perspirants and pills are available. Sometimes injecting Botox also subdues excessive sweating. 

Hair Thinning
The Why: Hormonal or thyroid problems could be one of the reasons for early hair thinning. Other reasons include: hormonal imbalances, pregnancy or certain medications.
The Fix: Topical solutions, pills and vitamins such as Biotin can help. Consult your doctor.

Smelly Feet
The Why: The bottom soles of your feet as an easy target for odor-causing bacteria that causes an unpleasant smell.
The Fix: Try to keep your feet dry, wear shoes that don't make your feet sweat. If your shoes still smell not to your liking, try a deodorizer.

Chapped Lips
The Why: Dry air can leave your lips dehydrated which can cause tiny cracks on your lips. The sun also causes dehydration.
The Fix: Do not lick your lips. Use a lip balm with one of the following ingredients: shea butter, petroleum jelly, or castor seed oil. 

Spider Veins
The Why: Being on your feet for a long period of time can lead to spider veins. Pregnancy and genetics can also lead to spider veins.
The Fix: The fix for this is usually just a cosmetic procedure. We even offer it at LAE! The procedure involves injecting saline solution to gradually reduce the appearance of spider veins. This procedure is called sclerotherapy.

      No matter what the issue, know that you're not alone! There are many reasons for embarrassing beauty questions. Chances are when you walk down the street half of the people you pass are worried about the same or a different beauty question as you. When in doubt, consult a doctor. Sometimes the best fixes are the natural ones, such as changing your diet or taking vitamins.

      Be FRESH HEALTHY SMART and revel in your skin. Because no matter what, you are beautiful.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

How To: Perfect Smokey Eye via Lancome Cosmetics

         LAE has brought you a DIY tutorial for perfecting that smokey eye for an evening out on the town or any occasion at all where you want that sultry addition to grab attention.

Step One: Remove all makeup from your eyes.
Step Two: Put eye treatment cream around and under your eye for hydration and protection.
Step 3: Put on a waterproof eyeshadow base.
Step 4: Begin with a light color all over the lid, to lighten up your eyes.
Step 5: Add a medium color in the crease to add more depth.
TIP: To avoid eyeshadow from falling onto your face, pad the brush with the eyeshadow and press the brush upon the lid.
Step 6: Use a blending brush to blend the dark color across your lid.
Step 7: Use an eyeliner pencil to create a fine line under-neath the eye.
Step 8: Use liquid eyeliner to create a line across the top base of your lid.
Step 9: For more intensity, use eyeshadow powder to add to the eyeliner under-neath your eye.
Step 10: Use the highlighter color or cream under-neath your brows & between your eyes and nose.
Step 11: Clean up any spilt eyeshadow with a thicker brush.
Step 12: Put mascara on the bottom and top lashes.
TIP: For an even greater effect than just mascara, try Latisse. This product (sold at LAE) makes your lashes grow longer and thicker for a statement look 24/7! Check it out!
Step 13: Add concealer under-neath your eye to lighten up your face.
Step 14: Apply bronzer to the cheek bones to define your face and makeup.
Step 15: For a final touch, add some color on your lips. Use a light lip gloss to polish off the look with subtlety and class.
VOILA! You have your perfect smokey eye shadow makeup!

Meet the Makeup Artist, Monika Anis.
"It's all about the blending," Monika says, in order to achieve the perfect smokey eye.

Products Used:
Lancome Aquatique Nude Eyeshadow Base
Lancome Hypnotique Mascara
Lancome Star Natural Bronzer Glow
Lancome Artliner Precision Point (Liquid/Black)
Lancome Le Crayon Eye Pencil (Black)
Lancome Eyeshadows: 
Top- Bottom Eyeliner Shadow
Bottom- Highlighter
Right- Eye base color
Middle- Crease color
Left- Eye base 2 color (blend)