Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fitness & Finesse, Interview with Fred Daemi, GM of the Drynk!

Ever wonder what goes into professional fighting or managing a prominent bar? Here’s the best of both worlds brought to you by LAE, an interview with Fred Daemi, General Manager of The Drynk in South Tampa, and previous professional fighter. Health and fitness are crucial to LAE Beauty's #freshhealthysmart lifestyle!

Fred Daemi, Tampa born and USF alum, began martial arts when he was 11 years old and continued into: kickboxing, Thai boxing and MMA, competing the entire time, “it makes you a stronger person mentally and physically”. In his last fight he blew out his knee. It was bent 90 degrees in the wrong direction and he never rehabbed it correctly. He found himself getting back involved in the hospitality/nightlife industry and “being consumed with it”, becoming the general manager of one of the hottest bar/lounges in the Tampa bay area, the Drynk.
Q: What was your workout routine while a professional fighter?
A: Four to six mile run early in the morning, strength and conditioning training, which included: weight training, combine workouts and personal training with a professional to do sport specific training. My fighting training, which was 3-4 hours/day, would be a combination of grappling, wrestling, boxing, kickboxing and judo.

Q: What was your diet while a professional fighter?
A: My diet was very militant. I would eat every 2.5 to 3 hrs and my meals would vary depending on what time of the day it was and whether it was after or before training. Eggs, chicken, tuna, fish, lots of greens, red meat moderately, carbs such as brown rice, plain pasta and sweet potatoes, in addition all of my supplements and other proteins sources like shakes and vitamins.
No one would believe that Daemi is 30 years old, who believes that being involved with fighting and being a personal trainer his whole life led him to looking younger. “Now with my career I do not find much time for exercising… fighting and working out was my ‘balance’ and outlet in life”.

Q: What do you believe the benefits of being fit are?
A: I look back at when I was in the best shape of my life and compared to now, I feel like a completely different person. Being fit is a way of life that helps you think clear, handle stress, be well balanced in all areas of life and keeps you clear minded and feeling energized and ready to tackle any obstacle put before you.
Q: Would you ever visit a tanning/medispa salon, like LAE Beauty?
A: I will hit the tanning bed every now and then. With being so busy, I don’t find myself having time to hit the pool or the beach so sometimes the tanning bed is necessary.
Q: Do you feel like being fit helps you in the nightlife/hospitality industry?
A: I wouldn’t say that I am fit right now. I feel like I really need to get back to being in shape but I still have the confidence and swagger, in my opinion, the looks to be the known as the GM of the hottest place in Tampa. I feel that if you work in the nightlife industry, especially in the Soho district, you have to be confident and obviously good-looking. Some may beg to differ but I feel that it is a part of working in the industry.

Daemi chooses managing a bar when having to chose which profession is harder, saying fighting came natural and that managing a bar has many different tasks in which you have to tackle in limited time.
“I am a fighter at heart and that’s what I do…I fight to make everyday a better and successful day”!
When it comes to drinking, Daemi says, “Drinking is the devil”. He explains how alcohol breaks down protein synthesis and breaks down muscle and eats away lining. Daemi didn’t drink while professionally fighting but in his career with The Drynk, drinking becomes a part of the job duties. Daemi enjoys entertaining guests and taking shots with regulars but when it comes to achieving physical and endurance goals, “Drinking should be excluded”.
Q: What are the best and worst parts of both your professions?
            A: Fighting had so many rewards... the feeling of accomplishment when your hand gets raised as the victor when you win, or knock someone out after a hard training camp, pushing your body to the limits and fighting through injuries and the constant mental grind while being so militant in the way you live, eat and daily life. Fighting also had its down sides like: no partying, being very disciplined, no drinking, no sex 8 weeks before a fight, being very strict in your schedule, injuries, etc. Managing at the Drynk is awesome. It’s like a very close nit family and you have the relationships and networking you build with everyone you meet and you set goals and achieving them is awesome. But the long and crazy hours keeps you from certain things like being able to maintain a relationship, having weekends off to travel and overall just consuming a lot of your time. You have to truly love it to do it and I love being the GM of the Drynk!!!!

 Our own owners of LAE Beauty Tanning and MediSpa, Kelley & Lauren Anderson, have found their way and support The Drynk as well! Look forward to our spa finding our way to Hyde Park soon! 

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Eating Your Way To Beautiful

The age-old myth is true, you are what you eat! So eat well and look beautiful. These foods will keep your hair, nails, and skin looking #freshhealthysmart!

Keep your hair healthy; these top 10 foods keep your hair looking strong and shiny.
1)    Salmon
Essentials: Omega 3-fatty acids, protein, vitamin B-12 and iron.
What it does: scalp health and prevention from dull looking hair.
2)    Dark Green Vegetables
Essentials: Vitamin A and Vitamin C, iron and calcium.
What it does: helps hair produce sebum, your body’s natural hair conditioner.
3)    Beans
Essentials: Protein, Iron, Zinc, and Biotin.
What it does: Prevents brittle hair.
4)    Nuts
Essentials: Selenium (Brazil Nuts), Omega3- fatty acid (Walnuts), Zinc (Cashews, Pecans, and almonds).
What it does: Natural conditioner and prevents hair shedding.
5)    Poultry
Essentials: Protein
What it does: Prevents brittle hair and loss of vibrant hair color.
6)    Eggs
Essentials: Protein, Biotin, and Vitamin B-12.
What it does: Provides healthy beautiful hair.
7)    Whole Grains
Essentials: Zinc, Iron, and B vitamins.
What it does: Healthy hair and energy.
8)    Oysters
Essentials: Zinc.
What it does: Provides antioxidants for healthy hair.
9)    Low-Fat Dairy Products
Essentials: Calcium, Whey and Casein.
What it does: Helps hair growth.
10) Carrots
Essentials: Vitamin A.
What it does: healthy scalp, which provides well-conditioned hair.

Save your money from fake nails and add a healthy diet for long and strong natural nails!
1)    Leafy greens, Liver, Prunes, Whole Grains, and Pumpkin Seeds.
Essentials: Iron.
What it does: Prevents deep ridges and against fragile and brittle nails.
2) Egg Whites, Lean Meats, and Peanuts.
Essentials: Protein.
What it does: Prevents cracked nails.
3) Milk and Hard-Boiled Eggs.
Essentials: Zinc.
What it does: Prevents white spots.
4) Herbal Tea.
Essentials: Nettle and Oat.
What it does: Boosts strength.

Look in front of the mirror when you eat so you realize the beauty of your skin you want to eat to keep!
1)    Sweet Potatoes
Essentials: Beta Carotene.
What it does: Defends against sun exposure.
2)    Salmon
Essentials: Omega-3 Fatty Acids
What it does: Reduces inflammation, decreases clogged pores and prevents wrinkles.
3)    Snapper
Essentials: Selenium.
What it does: Reduce risk of sunburn and promote even skin tone.
4)    Kiwi
Essentials: Vitamin C.
What it does: Maintains collagen for firm skin.
5)    Sunflower Seeds
Essentials: Vitamin E.
What it does: Keeps skin looking younger, longer, and diminished appearance of scars.
6)    Turkey
Essentials: Zinc.
What it does: Preserve’s skin’s elasticity and firmness.
7)    Tea
Essentials: Antioxidants and Phytonutrients.
What it does: Fights acne.

LAE BEAUTY Specialties:
When what you eat is still not giving you the results you’re looking for, come on in for a facial exclusive to your skin at LAE. You’ll leave with your skin feeling softer than rose petals. For those whose age has caught up with them, come in for a Botox or Juvederm consultation to get back the skin you remember and see it in the mirror in the matter of weeks! When it comes to hair, keep a look out for our upcoming new neighbor, one of the best hair salon’s in Gainesville!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The PERFECT Summer Cocktail

        Like everything else in life, your summer look should start with your hair. According to Glamour magazine, there are four ideal hairstyles to try out this summer. The first is the side-swept shag; the classic bob with lots of layers and fringe, Jennifer Hudson and Paris Hilton have been seen with these looks. The second look involves pulling back your hair for a relaxed and cute hairstyle. Try using a solid headband or a floral one with fabric to match your summer sundress.
            Everyone’s favorite summer hair is the loose-waves look. This casual beachy look adds a natural touch of beauty. If you haven’t been to the beach all day, just use a curling iron but ignore the clamp and just wrap the hair around the iron and hold for about 20 seconds. Lastly, if you’re feeling edgy, try choppy and long bands, Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez have been rocking this style.

            The summer fashion trends seen on the runway this year include: big earrings (Price Conscious: Forever21, Fashion Conscious: Betsey Johnson), metallic colors (Price Conscious: Express, Fashion Conscious: Michael Kors), jade green (Price Conscious: Banana Republic, Fashion Conscious: Roberto Cavalli), tribal (Price Conscious: Urban Outfitters, Fashion Conscious: Balenciaga), overstated footwear (Price Conscious; Bakers, Fashion Conscious: Manolo Blahnik). Other fashion trends include: fringe, dots, sheer, stripes and the return of the maxi dress.

Nails. This summer, keep your fingernail color simple. Try one of OPI’s nude/neutral shades like: At First Sight, Samoan Sand, or Bubble Bath. For your toes, dare to be bright. To dazzle your pedicure for a night out on the town try Katy Perry’s OPI polishes. Her dashing blue color, Last Friday Night adds an edginess to your style. Katy’s deep berry, The One That Got Away, adds some class and mystique. Lastly, her fun and romantic glittery pink will land you right in a Teenage Dream!

For the perfect summer smell try Belle d’Opium, by Yves Saint Laurent. This sinisterly beautiful scent includes Cadablance lily, sandalwood, white pepper, jasmine, gardenia and narguile.

Also, everyone always uses summer time to say they are going to get in shape. A running joke says that statistic show that diets start the most “tomorrow”. You don’t need to slave over a workout, just get at least 45 minutes of exercise daily. Try out some classes at your local gym: core classes for that initial push and yoga or pilates for the days you need to workout your mind. If you think healthy, you’ll eat healthy.The trick is to entice your taste buds with color. The more colorful a sandwich or a salad, the more appealing it becomes thanks to chemicals in your brain. So try lots of fresh veggies and fruits. For an easy diet plan also try the Special K diet.

            Second to last step of the summer cocktail-- is that perfect tan. Whether you get this by lying outdoors, in which you get a healthy dose of fresh air and tons of Vitamin D for glowing skin. The sun is the strongest between 11am and 3pm; so make sure you’re protected with SPF. For someone on the go, visit LAE Beauty for a lay-down bed tan or a stand-up turbo for a fast and relaxing way to get that summer color.For any special occasion try a custom airbrush tan ($35 at LAE Beauty) to have the perfect amount of color for your special night.
             The last and final step to the perfect summer cocktail is just that—the perfect summer cocktail! The Cinco de Mayo El San Juan is served exclusively at the Tequila Bar at Agave Ranch, El San Juan Hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
            It involves 1 ½ oz guanabana juice, 1 oz guava juice concentrate, 2 oz silver tequila and 2 oz water. Shake these ingredients for 10 seconds and strain over a martini glass. 

Now your ready for the perfect summer!
“If you can make a girl smile, you can make her do anything”- Marilyn Monroe

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

All About LAE, Lauren Anderson Entertainment!

Exclusive interview with the face of LAE Beauty, Lauren Anderson.
          For all our current and future clients, LAE Beauty has an amazing history. Lauren Anderson, co-owner of LAE Beauty, started off as just another student at the University of Florida. She was a senior at UF when she was approached about Playboy having a national playmate search and auditions were being held at UF. 
          Lauren went as a joke, and ended up on the TV show, FOX's Girls Next Door Special: Search for a Playboy Centerfold. She was one of ten contestants, and she won! Her career had only just begun, posing centerfold for "Girls of the SEC" and later having the honor of forever being known as Miss July 2002!
Q Why did your sister, Kelley Anderson, and you open a business? And why a salon/spa? 
A: Since I've been modeling, we both became very passionate about health and beauty. So we wanted to offer a place people could go for these types of services. A "One stop shop beauty/wellness center". Having the medical side of it brings us a step above the rest. It was also very important to us to provide a different, upscale, trendy atmosphere. I think that has been a huge draw for LAE. 
QDo you expect to expand? 
A: Yes, we are looking to expand into Tampa and other cities as well. We want to become a staple in the MediSpa world.. hopefully having LAE Beauty around the country. 
QBest and worst parts of being a playboy model? 
A: Best would be the traveling I've been fortunate enough to do as well as the people I've met. The worst part would be fighting the stereotype and negative image sometimes associated with playboy. Playboy is a magazine I modeled for, it's not who I am. 
QHow would you describe Hef? 
A: He's very smart, generous and kind. We have a very friendly relationship, I've been able to bring anyone I want up to the mansion. That's not the case for every playmate. And NO, I have never slept with Hef or anything like that! LOL!
Q: What was the craziest thing that's happened to you since playboy? 
A: Honestly, I have had so many experiences because of Playboy it's hard to pin point just one. I've travelled the world by myself, I've met tons of celebrities, I've seen things that most people would dream about. I've been very lucky!
QWhat advice would you give to an aspiring entrepreneur? 
A: Never let someone tell you that you can't do something and stay positive, strong and have faith. It's hard sometimes, I know. Also that everyone falls and it's how well and fast you get back up, that really matters. I wrote a chapter in a book called "Making It In High Heels", which is a best selling series of books.

           This 5'9, blond and brown-eyed beauty has created a fairy tale life, but she's worked hard to get it. She's hosted numerous shows, including CMT's 25 Sexiest Videos and The Pulse with Bill O'Reilly. This local celebrity has also made appearances on Entourage and Fear Factor. Not only has she posed beautifully for Playboy, she's also been in Vanity Fair and even Playboy Spain.  
           Lauren Anderson has made LAE Beauty a place any woman can go to feel beautiful. A woman from Milwaukee, Wisconsin who loves Dirty Dancing, the 80's, and any book by James Patterson. A woman who's an advocate for animal rights, promoting PETA, loves water sports and has the confidence to believe, “Playboy is all about embracing your sexuality and being proud of your body". Lauren had to drive and the passion to create her own business and make a name for herself that is respected and admired. This strong and exceptionally beautiful woman is proof that dreams can come true if you're not afraid to chase them.