Thursday, May 19, 2011

Eating Your Way To Beautiful

The age-old myth is true, you are what you eat! So eat well and look beautiful. These foods will keep your hair, nails, and skin looking #freshhealthysmart!

Keep your hair healthy; these top 10 foods keep your hair looking strong and shiny.
1)    Salmon
Essentials: Omega 3-fatty acids, protein, vitamin B-12 and iron.
What it does: scalp health and prevention from dull looking hair.
2)    Dark Green Vegetables
Essentials: Vitamin A and Vitamin C, iron and calcium.
What it does: helps hair produce sebum, your body’s natural hair conditioner.
3)    Beans
Essentials: Protein, Iron, Zinc, and Biotin.
What it does: Prevents brittle hair.
4)    Nuts
Essentials: Selenium (Brazil Nuts), Omega3- fatty acid (Walnuts), Zinc (Cashews, Pecans, and almonds).
What it does: Natural conditioner and prevents hair shedding.
5)    Poultry
Essentials: Protein
What it does: Prevents brittle hair and loss of vibrant hair color.
6)    Eggs
Essentials: Protein, Biotin, and Vitamin B-12.
What it does: Provides healthy beautiful hair.
7)    Whole Grains
Essentials: Zinc, Iron, and B vitamins.
What it does: Healthy hair and energy.
8)    Oysters
Essentials: Zinc.
What it does: Provides antioxidants for healthy hair.
9)    Low-Fat Dairy Products
Essentials: Calcium, Whey and Casein.
What it does: Helps hair growth.
10) Carrots
Essentials: Vitamin A.
What it does: healthy scalp, which provides well-conditioned hair.

Save your money from fake nails and add a healthy diet for long and strong natural nails!
1)    Leafy greens, Liver, Prunes, Whole Grains, and Pumpkin Seeds.
Essentials: Iron.
What it does: Prevents deep ridges and against fragile and brittle nails.
2) Egg Whites, Lean Meats, and Peanuts.
Essentials: Protein.
What it does: Prevents cracked nails.
3) Milk and Hard-Boiled Eggs.
Essentials: Zinc.
What it does: Prevents white spots.
4) Herbal Tea.
Essentials: Nettle and Oat.
What it does: Boosts strength.

Look in front of the mirror when you eat so you realize the beauty of your skin you want to eat to keep!
1)    Sweet Potatoes
Essentials: Beta Carotene.
What it does: Defends against sun exposure.
2)    Salmon
Essentials: Omega-3 Fatty Acids
What it does: Reduces inflammation, decreases clogged pores and prevents wrinkles.
3)    Snapper
Essentials: Selenium.
What it does: Reduce risk of sunburn and promote even skin tone.
4)    Kiwi
Essentials: Vitamin C.
What it does: Maintains collagen for firm skin.
5)    Sunflower Seeds
Essentials: Vitamin E.
What it does: Keeps skin looking younger, longer, and diminished appearance of scars.
6)    Turkey
Essentials: Zinc.
What it does: Preserve’s skin’s elasticity and firmness.
7)    Tea
Essentials: Antioxidants and Phytonutrients.
What it does: Fights acne.

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