Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The PERFECT Summer Cocktail

        Like everything else in life, your summer look should start with your hair. According to Glamour magazine, there are four ideal hairstyles to try out this summer. The first is the side-swept shag; the classic bob with lots of layers and fringe, Jennifer Hudson and Paris Hilton have been seen with these looks. The second look involves pulling back your hair for a relaxed and cute hairstyle. Try using a solid headband or a floral one with fabric to match your summer sundress.
            Everyone’s favorite summer hair is the loose-waves look. This casual beachy look adds a natural touch of beauty. If you haven’t been to the beach all day, just use a curling iron but ignore the clamp and just wrap the hair around the iron and hold for about 20 seconds. Lastly, if you’re feeling edgy, try choppy and long bands, Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez have been rocking this style.

            The summer fashion trends seen on the runway this year include: big earrings (Price Conscious: Forever21, Fashion Conscious: Betsey Johnson), metallic colors (Price Conscious: Express, Fashion Conscious: Michael Kors), jade green (Price Conscious: Banana Republic, Fashion Conscious: Roberto Cavalli), tribal (Price Conscious: Urban Outfitters, Fashion Conscious: Balenciaga), overstated footwear (Price Conscious; Bakers, Fashion Conscious: Manolo Blahnik). Other fashion trends include: fringe, dots, sheer, stripes and the return of the maxi dress.

Nails. This summer, keep your fingernail color simple. Try one of OPI’s nude/neutral shades like: At First Sight, Samoan Sand, or Bubble Bath. For your toes, dare to be bright. To dazzle your pedicure for a night out on the town try Katy Perry’s OPI polishes. Her dashing blue color, Last Friday Night adds an edginess to your style. Katy’s deep berry, The One That Got Away, adds some class and mystique. Lastly, her fun and romantic glittery pink will land you right in a Teenage Dream!

For the perfect summer smell try Belle d’Opium, by Yves Saint Laurent. This sinisterly beautiful scent includes Cadablance lily, sandalwood, white pepper, jasmine, gardenia and narguile.

Also, everyone always uses summer time to say they are going to get in shape. A running joke says that statistic show that diets start the most “tomorrow”. You don’t need to slave over a workout, just get at least 45 minutes of exercise daily. Try out some classes at your local gym: core classes for that initial push and yoga or pilates for the days you need to workout your mind. If you think healthy, you’ll eat healthy.The trick is to entice your taste buds with color. The more colorful a sandwich or a salad, the more appealing it becomes thanks to chemicals in your brain. So try lots of fresh veggies and fruits. For an easy diet plan also try the Special K diet.

            Second to last step of the summer cocktail-- is that perfect tan. Whether you get this by lying outdoors, in which you get a healthy dose of fresh air and tons of Vitamin D for glowing skin. The sun is the strongest between 11am and 3pm; so make sure you’re protected with SPF. For someone on the go, visit LAE Beauty for a lay-down bed tan or a stand-up turbo for a fast and relaxing way to get that summer color.For any special occasion try a custom airbrush tan ($35 at LAE Beauty) to have the perfect amount of color for your special night.
             The last and final step to the perfect summer cocktail is just that—the perfect summer cocktail! The Cinco de Mayo El San Juan is served exclusively at the Tequila Bar at Agave Ranch, El San Juan Hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
            It involves 1 ½ oz guanabana juice, 1 oz guava juice concentrate, 2 oz silver tequila and 2 oz water. Shake these ingredients for 10 seconds and strain over a martini glass. 

Now your ready for the perfect summer!
“If you can make a girl smile, you can make her do anything”- Marilyn Monroe

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