Wednesday, November 16, 2011

LAE Beauty Inc's Newest Inner Beauty Campaign

      Hello LAE followers! Sorry for the long time no talk. We here at LAE would like to let you know about the new campaign we're running. Starting in November we began "Beauty Is." This campaign is based off of recognizing and embracing your inner beauty.
      Through our newest blog Real Beauty Is we post two stories a week about people with true inner beauty. These individuals have done selfless acts of kindness and showed amazing spirit in their charitable and notable actions. It's a true inspiration to show was real beauty is.
      Through Facebook we began posting other inspirational stories that we have found in the news, through YouTube, or stories people have recommended to us. We also post happy songs that remind you that you're beautiful just as you are and to love the skin you're in.
      Through our Twitter account we basically just post inspirational quotes to brighten anyone's day.
      This truly is an inspirational campaign and we are just hoping to build awareness about beauty and that you decide how you feel about it.

Beauty Is...

Let us help embrace the beauty in you.